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Portfolio creation - html, css, script, portfolio, CMS (online 1:1 lecture)

Portfolio creation - html, css, script, portfolio, CMS (online 1:1 lecture)

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The basic unit of study for all classes is 10 days and 20 hours.

1. HTML and CSS basics

Round Learning contents
Day 1 DTD, HTML structure, type, list, text-related tags
Day 2 Table elements, anchor image-related element semantic markup
Day 3 CSS basic grammar, various selectors, Photoshop reference, writing HTML
Day 4 Selector priority font, post style list style display, visibility Background style
Day 5
Day 6 BOX MODEL, LAYOUT(FLOAT, POSITION), various layout implementations
Day 7
Day 8 Sign up, use HTML5 FORM, media (video, audio)
Day 9 Writing Photoshop Reference CSS
Day 10 Web hosting, web standards inspection, CSS inspection

2. Intermediate use of CSS

Round Learning contents
Day 1 gradient, shadow, column, transition
Day 2 animation, transform-origin
Day 3 Flex Layout, Responsive Basics, Responsive Type
Day 4 Tooltips, responsive menu implementation,
Day 5 SVG animation
Day 6 bootstrap
Day 7 Using Flex Layout
Day 8 Utilizing the CSS library, PSD TO HTML CSS (bootstrap)
Day 9 Implementing PSD TO HTML Responsive Advanced

3. javascript

Round Learning contents
Day 1 Data type, variable, conditional statement, loop statement
Day 2 Functions, arrays, strings, timers, mathematical operations
Day 3 javascript selector
Day 4 javascript event
Day 5 javascript application - scroll
Day 6 javascript application - slide
Day 7 javascript application - lightbox
Day 8 javascript application - tab, accordion
Day 9 javascript application
Day 10 javascript application

4. Portfolio creation

  • · Portfolio planning - topic setting
  • · Portfolio planning - benchmarking
  • · Portfolio planning - setting production direction
  • · Portfolio design
  • · Portfolio responsive

Portfolio creation can be completed only after at least 20 classes.

The above curriculum may be changed through level testing and consultation.

Class method

  • · 1 time (2 hours)
  • · Basic unit 10 times

Student preparation material

  • - Personal PC, microphone, speakers or headset required for online classes

Student benefits

  • - All class material samples, completed copies, manuals, and key summary notes provided
  • - Provide feedback on questions during the week

Recommended learning order

  • HTML CSS basics -> CSS usage -> JAVASCRIPT basics -> JQUERY usage -> CMS (Gnuboard, CAFE24, WORDPRESS)

Lecture location

  • - Online (zoom)

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